Environmental Policy

The Gleeson Group is committed to meeting legislative requirements as a minimum and to ensure that through our activities and our products we enhance the environment.

We wish to conduct the Company’s business in a manner that is environmentally responsible, having due regard to changing standards and expectations.

This is achieved by the development of appropriate procedures based on the following principles:

1. To conserve all natural resources in our care and those purchased for use in all company activities.

2. To minimise wastage of raw materials, resources and products used in business processes.

3. To minimise waste through source reduction, re-use and recycling (Glass, Plastics, Cardboard, Paper & Wood).

4. To minimise Environmental Impact of remaining waste, by-products & emissions.

5. To promote recycling of our finished products. To promote participation in appropriate community and industry reduction, reuse and recycling schemes.

6. To keep employees informed on relevant environmental issues and encourage participation through environmentally responsible work practices.

7. To seek to purchase goods and services that conform to our environmental policy.

8. To seek continual improvement in housekeeping procedures, packaging and delivery of product, to minimise environmental impacts of pollution, resource use and final disposal.

9. To conduct regular audits of workplaces to identify environmental risks within our operations. To act upon findings and apply best practice principles.

10. To continually improve our performance through training, research & development, management review and consultation.

11. To comply with the following EU and Irish Legislation:
a. Directive 94/62/EU on Packaging & Packaging Waste.
b. Waste Management Acts 2006 & 2001.
c. Waste Management (Packaging Regulations) 2003.
d. Waste Management (Packaging-Ammendment ) Regs. 2004.
e. Local Government (Water Pollution) Act 1977.
f. EU Directive on the Quality of Water intended for human consumption (79/869/EEC).
g. Directive 2002/96/EC on Waste Electrical & Electronic Equipment (WEEE).